Said H. Mahamed – Peyzaj Mimarlığı (Landscape Architecture)

Çankırı Karatekin University was a great experience for me. There is so much to learn and to create. I especially found the library and the gym very useful. I have access to all the resources in the library and each student has their own study room. When i’m not in class, i go to the university gym. This place is ideal for a student. Transportation facilities, cheapness of the city and low cost of housing rents are good for us. Academic and administrative staff are very kind and we are able to get answers to everything we ask. Thank you, Çankırı Karatekin University.

Fatouma I. İbrahim – İşletme (Yüksek Lisans)-(Business Administration (Master's Programme))

Çankırı has very special meaning for me. I traveled out of my country for the first time and i had doubts. As soon as i arrived to Çankırı, hesitations were replaced by excitement and happiness. The local people are lovely and Çankırı has a rich culture and history. The location of the city is very important for me so i have been to several famous places around the city, like Ankara, İstanbul and The Black Sea. The Çankırı Karatekin University Body welcomed us nicely. The student services and facilities are satisfying. There are laboratories where ı can find the latest technology and that i can use whenever i want. Also, i have access to a large number of boks, both electronic and printed. Our teachers and students are very helpful. I feel lucky to be here.

Aamir E. A. Mohamed- Sudan University of Science and Technology (ERASMUS)

Before coming here from Sudan, i researched ÇAKÜ. However, when i came to Uluyazı Campus, i found a more beautiful environment than i imagined. The cafeteria, library and gymnasium obviously amazed me. I had chance to talk to Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ayrancı many times. I will take my experiences to my country. We, the students coming from abroad and especially from Africa, are definitely in the correct place. The people of Çankırı treat us like family. Everything here is perfect for me. Thank you.

Akniyet Tauırbay- Felsefe(Philosophy)

This is my second year here in Çankırı. I thought it might be difficult for me to adapt here, but i have felt at home since the second month of my arrival. Student-friendly, well-equipped campus at ÇAKÜ helped me the most. I see many benefits from our teachers’ tutoring and understanding. Thank you for everything. Studying abroad gives you different perspective of life. So, be brave and go for it. Your future self will be thankful to you!