Our University has an interactive, dynamic administration, based on management. Administration is constantly in touch with our students, both in social media circles and physically, and follows their wishes and requests.

Our University takes place in the middle of historical and geograhnical civilization au Centre de Çankırı with the fist sanatorium of Anatolia next to our Vocational High School, little mosque of stone, the Tomb of Emir Karatekin the Conqueror of Çankırı, Sultan Süleyman Mosque built by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, the historical medresses and Ilgaz Mountain National Park, salt caves and nature parks


Çankırı Karatekin University, who is one of the leading universities of Turkey with the sports complex it owns, serves its students with 8 training rooms and sauna in the sports complex having an indoor area of 8415 square meters.